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Evening 9 September 2022 MUSIC SOUNDS BETTER WITH TATTOO, Taste and Sound

Friday 9 September 2022 from 19.30 the Great Party returns to La Piola MUSIC SOUNDS BETTER WITH TATTOO, Taste and Sound evening with DJ Set House story ALE ZEC Admission € 30.00 with access to the wine and food tasting corners. 5 are the TOP wineries present with their sommeliers at the event: MASI, Verona “Fresco Bianco” and “Fresco Rosso” – new line of organic and vegan Masi wines; LA CASTELLADA, Oslavia – Gorizia “Friulano”, “Bianco della Castellada” and “Ribolla Gialla” – wonderful whites from the Eastern Collio; SANTA EUROSIA, Valdobbiadene – Treviso “Zerosedici”, “Zerotto” and “Zerodue” – Prosecco Valdobbiadene Superiore DOCG; FRANCESCO ROTOLO CONFINIS, Gorizia “Friulano” and “Ribolla Gialla” – extraordinary whites of the Collio; BORGO DELLE OCHE, Valvasone – Pordenone “Merlot” e “Refosco” – Rossi delle grave.

As an accompaniment, snacks and porchetta made by us will be served. In collaboration with InTheLoop. Reservation recommended. Dress code: tattoos in sight … and after dinner, to end the evening free access to all for an à la carte drink! We are waiting for you!

Tuesday 9 August it reopens!

Here we are: Tuesday morning 9 August from 11.00 it reopens!
The works have been long and demanding but now the equipment in our kitchen is fantastic!
We all missed you !!!!
We have some surprises for you. Come and say hello, have a spritz or enjoy the dishes from the new menu.

Information to our kind customers!

La Piola closes for local renovations from May 30th.
We will do work to make our kitchen even bigger.
We will reopen in about 1 month … we will miss you all!

Informazione alla nostra gentile clientela!

La Piola chiude per rinnovarsi dal 30 maggio.

Faremo grandi lavori strutturali per rendere la nostra cucina ancora più efficiente. Saranno interventi impegnativi e lunghi.
Riapriremo tra 1 mese o più… ci mancherete tutti!

venerdì 20 Maggio dalle ore 19:00 DI PUNTO IN BIANCO

Friday 20 May from 19:00
DI PUNTO IN BIANCO – € 30.00 all included
In collaboration with InTheLoop
Reservations and white dress code are welcome.
A TASTE AND SOUND evening with Dj Set Gianfranco Amodio and Voice Irene Guglielmi.
Tasting of selected wines by two Andrea, Bianco and Puiatti.
There will be the Prosecco CANEVEL, the white of RONCO DEI TASSI and the red Grave of ORNELLA MOLON in combination with the menu … all without limits:
– the appetizers of La Piola;
– San Daniele Bagatto raw ham;
– barley salad with vegetables;
– eggplant parmigiana;
– homemade biscuits …
… and after dinner, free access to all friends who want to join us for an à la carte drink.
For the evening, a wonderful range of GINs will be available for all your favorite cocktails. We are waiting for you!


Friday 8 April from 19:30
in collaboration with InTheLoop
ENTRANCE € 30.00 all included
Reservation recommended – Floreal Dress Code

A TASTE AND SOUND evening with Dj Set and Alter Ego’s Rock.
Menu with tasting of the fine white wines of CONFINIS by Francesco Rotolo and the refined red wines of LA TUNELLA:
the appetizers of La Piola;
our porchetta, cooked by Nicola-Alessio-e-Jordan;
the “risotto” with cheese-pepper-bacon;
water, coffee and dessert.

… and after dinner, free access to all friends who want to join us for a drink … à la carte.
We are waiting for you to celebrate Spring!

New autumn dishes

Here is our menu with new autumn dishes and traditional Friulian recipes. As always we welcome all our beloved guests with the classic dishes of our La Piola cuisine.

Bubbles for 2021!!!

Those looking for excellent bubbles … we find them !!! Also in the “Gift Pack!” Version Let’s toast to the end of this imprisoned 2020 and toast to a 2021 that frees us all! For information: Edelweiss 338 3502025 – Elisa 346 1092456 – Gabri 338 7175832. Hours: from 10:00 to 13:00 and from 15:00 to 19:00.

Natale con La Piola… anche a casa

APERTI ANCHE LUNEDI 21 DICEMBRE!La Piola è operativa fino al 23 dicembre compreso con orari come da decreto.Il negozio di vini La Piola sarà sempre a disposizione con le nostre confezioni regalo; anche nei “giorni rossi” offriamo con servizio Delivery i nostri selezionati vini, panettoni e specialità gastronomiche con orari: dalle 10:00 alle 13:00 e dalle 15:00 alle 19:00.Informazioni e prenotazioni: Edelweiss 338 3502025 – Elisa 346 1092456 – Gabri 338 7175832

Asporto La Piola: anche Vini fino alle 22:00

Nel Weekend, per rendere speciali le vostre serate a casa: ASPORTO LA PIOLA dalle 18:30 alle 22:00…. e per movimentarle un po’: i nostri selezionati vini, BOLLICINE – BIANCHI – ROSSI.

Un vino Marsala Riserva con dolce al cioccolato potrebbe concludere la vostra cena in modo eccellente!

Tenetevelo a mente: il negozio I VINI LA PIOLA è aperto fino alle 22.00, tutti i giorni – chiuso lunedì! Info e prenotazioni: 0434 781893