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Bollicine per il 2021!!!

Chi cerca ottime Bollicine… da noi le trova!!! Anche in versione “Pacco Regalo! “Brindiamo alla fine di questo imprigionato 2020 e brindiamo a un 2021 che ci liberi tutti! Per informazioni: Edelweiss 338 3502025 – Elisa 346 1092456 – Gabri 338 7175832. Orari: dalle 10:00 alle 13:00 e dalle 15:00 alle 19:00.

New Menu

From Tuesday 2 June the summer menu arrives in La Piola.


From today we have activated the home wine delivery service.
FOR BOOKINGS: Gabri 338 7175832 - Edelweiss 338 3502025
Choose your favorite wines and the labels you love most.

Tuesday 13 August opens!

We will return to the kitchen with good energy and a new menu!
We are waiting for you with new wines to tell you about wineries and life stories of those who produce them!


We inform our kind customers that La Piola closes from the evening of Sunday 28 July and reopens Tuesday 13 August.

Friday 19 July APERITIVO&MACINO pasta

Who is coming Friday 19th July for the APERITIF and tasting of MACINO pasta with Chef Roberto Franzin?
We are waiting for your beautiful summer evenings in these 2 last weeks before our holidays ...

Aperitif evening with Macino pastas

Friday, July 19, at La Piola, aperitif evening with Chef Roberto Franzin and his MACINO pasta. Originally from Noventa di Piave, but Friulian by adoption, with a high profile professional path, the chef Roberto Franzin defines the kitchen as “his kingdom”. Passion transmitted by the mother cook, followed by important experiences at the Villa Abbazia di Follina (TV), at the Sanlorenzo and Al Ceppo in Rome, at the Taverna di Colloredo (UD) and which are completed with a period dedicated to teaching. His philosophy of cooking perfected over the years is careful and ethical, which looks with respect and curiosity at the raw materials of the territory and at “not wasting”. “Macino” is a line of eco-sustainable, patented pasta and flours obtained from organic and native Ribolla Gialla pomace, rich in fiber, protein, polyphenols, lactose and gluten. Macino® LIMITED EDITION – LIMITED PRODUCTION RESERVED FOR ENTHUSIASTS AND CHEFS. #macino

La Piola & Birra VIOLA

Refresh your summer! Friday 14 June from 7.00 pm: aperitif with appetizers - Puntine - dessert and ... BIRRA VIOLA no-limit. € 25.00 Welcome booking 0434 781893.