• Family and tradition

    From 1973 the Mussinano family has been dedicated to catering with care and passion: mum Gabry, dad Piero and their children Michele, Debora and Alex. Today Gabri run with competence and innovation the family business. Their commitment is to maintain those characteristics that in time costumers loved the most:a familiar place, young and welcoming.
  • Gabri

    Woman of character has dedecated all her life to her restaurant La Piola and her beloved family. Very helpful and attentive to her loyal customers, Gabry always try to improve the proposals and the service. Well versed in wines she is always searching for something new, with passion finds and select wineries and labels. She loves to recommend wines to her guests and she tells stories of lands and people
  • ALEX

    When he was a child he was fascinating with the kitchen and cooking and this became his dream of “when I’ll grow up”. His father Piero taught him when he was a child first recipies and helped him to know raw materials. Once he grew up, after the studies and graduation from culinary school, he did an important experience with chef Uliassi. In these years he helped Piola to improve with his family. Care, heart and creativity, but also technique, naturality and essentiality characterize his kitchen.

    To support the commitment of Gabry there is a close-knit staff. In the kitchen discipline, organization and serenity allow them to quickly prepare and serve the amazing quality of dishes. service is familiar and of a good level.